Thursday, October 06, 2005

Linux an old, new friend

I have been going at it with Linux off and on for several years. I wouldn't spend alot of time trying to deal with command lines when there was an alright GUI from M$ windows. Well, I am here to tell you. If you are bored with the same old environment just sitting there are your monitor, then Linux just might be the new hobby for you.
I have been going to a tech college here in Baton Rouge for about 1 year now (2 more to go). We finished working through our CCNA Prep Course and we started with Linux. Learning how to build servers and such out of the OS. Well, it renewed my interest in the ever changing OS. There are now 3 GUI's for this lively environment. I have found that I prefer the KDE desktop over the GNOME desktop. GNOME is ok but the KDE gives you the "newish" feel. There is one that I haven't looked into yet. It's called Enlightenment. Maybe I will spend some time diving into that one later.
There is a plethora of opensource programs and flavors for linux. I for one am becoming a convert with a quickness. I hope that you have your favorite Linux flavor and your favorite programs, and you would be kind enough to share your thoughts. If you are new to Linux please share your experiences with all of us.