Monday, October 30, 2006

You Have Been Trolled - A Search Word Experiment Final

Ok, I pretty much ended the experiment Friday night and got some pretty good results. Although I didn't get the comments count i would have liked, I got hits from places that I wouldn't have thought of before.

I would first like to say hello to Mike over in Iraq and for visiting a few times when you can and for giving me some traffic from your blog "The Chronicles of Narmya".

Here is the world map showing the different places I got hits from.

The hits came in from Iraq, Spain, France, Africa, and various places in the U.S.

Well, I will have to think of another trolling post and have some fun later.

Until then,


Massive surge in spam hits the Internet

Massive surge in spam hits the Internet by ZDNet's George Ou -- A massive surge of spam has hit the Internet in recent months that appear to be spammers increasing the use of botnets. The spam botnets have grown three times larger since June and they are flooding the Internet spam. TQMcube posted the following chart showing the alarming rise in spam. The red [...]

Vista could cost upgrade enthusiasts serious money

Vista could cost upgrade enthusiasts serious money by ZDNet's Adrian Kingsley-Hughes -- Here's a scary Halloween thought - Upgrading to Windows Vista could see upgrade enthusiasts having to purchase additional licenses. I'm still trying to find out how tolerant or intolerant product activation for Windows Vista is going to be, and to be honest, I don't really feel like I'm getting anywhere.

10 tips and tweaks for Vista experts

10 tips and tweaks for Vista experts by ZDNet's Ed Bott -- Last month, I published 10 tweaks for Windows Vista RC1. It got a good response, but it also drew some complaints. "Too basic," said some critics. "And hey, those aren't all tweaks." OK, fair enough. To satisfy the critics (you know who you are), I present 10 expert tweaks for Windows Vista RC2. No beginner-level stuff here, and I've clearly labeled which are tips and which are tweaks.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

And you thought you got some rain. (Update II)

The water came up about another 1/2 foot. Here are the pictures from this morning. It seems that the water is slowing and they should soon open the gates to let some of the water out of the lake. I guess the excitement of rising water might be over.

Friday, October 27, 2006

And you thought you got some rain. (Update)

After getting off of work. The water rose about another 1/2 foot. It was over the bulk head at the edge of the river. The water was breaking over our lower deck as you can see in the first picture. In the second picture the water is coming over our bulk head.

Water breaking over the lower deck
Water coming over the bulk head

It is about 8pm CDT and the water is now covering our lower deck. It is too dark to take an effective picture, so I will post one in the morning. I am sure the water will rise another 1/2 to 1 foot by that time.


And you thought you got some rain.

Last night we had a good amount of storms pass through. The water in the river came up quite a bit.

You can see from this post where the water usually is on the dock.

These pictures were taken at lunch time. When I left for work there was no noticeable difference in the water level.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

You Have Been Trolled - A Search Word Experiment

Yep, it's true. You have just been trolled to my blog using the most popular search words I could find from different search engines. This is kind of an experiment to see how much traffic I can generate by placing the most popular searched words for today into a list on this post. It will most likely take a while to populate through the net, so I will keep an eye on the traffic for the next week or so and let you know how it is going.

If you found your way here through a search engine please leave a comment on which search engine you used. If you feel like it, please let me know what was your search string you entered into the search engine. This might even become a "Who's Who" of search engines. We can all see which search engine is the most popular and maybe even learn of one or two that we haven't heard of yet. Don't be pissed, just have fun with it.


*Search strings for 19-Oct-2006*

Paula Abdul, Gas prices, Barack Obama, Heather Mills, The Biggest Loser, Wonder Woman, Patrick Chamusso, Paul McCartney, America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks, Boots.

cory lidle, north korea, sara evans, friday the 13th, saw 3, the departed, line rider, youtube, mortal kombat armageddon, kim jong il.

Lycos 50
Poker, MySpace, Pamela Anderson, Spyware, Paris Hilton, Pokemon, Halloween, Disney, RuneScape, WWE, Naruto, Golf, Clay Aiken, NFL Football, Colorado, YouTube, Christmas, Baseball, Dragonball, Apple, Wikipedia, Limewire, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Soccer, Barbie, Jessica Simpson, The Rachael Ray Show, Lindsay Lohan, Fashion, Univision, Inuyasha, NBA Basketball, Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Scrubs, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Carmen Electra, Hilary Duff, Eminem, Bit Torrent, Trish Stratus, Christina Aguilera, Anna Nicole Smith, XBox, Final Fantasy, Neopets, Chris Brown.

Yahoo Search
Fear Of Halloween, Second Life, Department Of Energy, Steve Wynn, Heather Mills, Hubble Space Telescope, Environmental Protection Agency, Battle Of Thermopylae, Dionne Warwick, Michelle Williams, Sara Evans, Halloween Costumes, Dancing With The Stars, Second Life, Jessica Simpson, WWE, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce Knowles, Diwali, Deepavali.

Off the top of my head
Love, Sex, freeware, programs, woman, man, women, men, cars, racing, slap, beer, jim beam, laughing, funny, TV, movies.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Users of the World Part 1

What makes it possible that a user thinks he/she can do what ever they want on a network?

As they sit there in their pubical all day. Fustrated that the controller has blocked their machine from going to MySpace. (Don't even get me started on that piece of crap site.) They sit there and try to come up with another reason to live through the next week and get to the weekend. This way they can sit in their tiny apartments and live their dismal life away from being plugged into a network.

See at home they are free to do what ever they want. Which is fine with me as long as they don't bring that attitude into the work place. Once you turn on that machine and enter your login and password you now belong to the controller.

This past week there was one such user that thought he was being smart and lost when he under estimated this Systems Administrator. No details, although it would make a great story. I just feel that you shouldn't tell all tales out of school.

My rant is about ALL users around the world. What the hell do you guys think you are doing? Trying to go around the controller's back end. Bringing that stupid iPod and downloading music to it, all the while sucking up bandwidth. The world is splattered with news of lude emails getting sent out to the wrong people, or maybe the right people if you want to come out of the closet on the nations news channels. Laptops are being stolen with all kinds of sensitive data on them. Lord only knows what is going on that we never hear about.

Most data that you users work on his considered company property. Most of that data is considered sensitive or even confidential. You must get really bored and your brain starts to wonder off the track and, poof, you have a problem on your hands. Now the friggin laptop is gone and you just put all those files on it to work at home over the weekend.

Did you ever think to encrypt the data? Nooooo.

Did you even think to lock the laptop in your trunk? Noooo

Did you even think about the events that would take place if anything bad happened when this data was in your hands?NNooooooo

Of course you didn't you are drones, users, sheeple. You have been conditioned not to think about such things. That is why there are Sys Admins and Controllers. We, on a daily basis, think of anything and everything that could possibly go wrong during a 24 hour period and try to put measures in place that will prevent things from happening to the systems or the data. Most times we can prevent bad things. Other times we are fighting with everything we have to beat a problem that is about to ruin our networks. Sometimes we are taken by surprise and ambushed. The ambushes are usually brought on by, you guessed it, the user.

Users can't really be blamed can they? They really have no idea what is going on down in the trenches. Yes they can. They only want to see the geeks when their machine has dropped below mach 1 because of all the spyware they downloaded while playing the stupid flash games. You know the ones, Swat the fly, shoot the illegal immigrants racing across the border.

We sys admins have only one more hole in in the network to plug. That would be the one between the user's ears. For God Sakes start thinking of what you are doing and how it will effect your job. It just might change the way the geeks look at you when they come to fix your machine.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Blogger Beta The Journey Begins.

Here it goes. I finally switched to the beta side of blogger. I will have to play around with it and see what I can change and can't change. I see already that my weather maps and forcast are gone. I will have to take some time this week and see what I can do about that. I have also has some plans to add background images to the template. I will work on that as well. Let's see how it goes.

I just thought of something. I am blogging about blogger.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Audio Blogger to shut down Service 11/1/06

Here is the email I got from them:

As of November 1, 2006, Audioblogger will no longer accept phone
calls. MP3s made with the service will continue to be hosted and
served but you will no longer be able to use Audioblogger to post
new audio.

Audioblogger is an independent product, run by Odeo, Inc., a small
startup company in San Francisco, CA. We are not affiliated with
Google or Blogger except that we operate and provide the
Audioblogger service.

Given our limited resources, we have to make tough decisions
about what projects to focus on. And we've come to the difficult
decision that Audioblogger demands too many resources, time, and
money for us to continue its operation.

However, there are several other services that offer similar
functionality. Odeo is not affiliated with any of these services,
we only suggest them only in hopes that one or the other will be
a good alternative for you. is a free service for recording by phone has a seven day free trial and lots of features is another free service for phone recording

All of the phone posting services listed above are compatible
with Odeo in that they produce podcast feeds, which can be
imported to Odeo. Any audio file at Odeo can be posted on a blog
by copying and pasting some embed code.

Odeo would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has
tried Audioblogger. If you are interested in keeping up with our
other blog-friendly projects, please have a look at
and our customizable audio players.

The Odeo Team

If any of you use mobiles to post audio to your blog, please let me know what you use. Not that I do a lot of Audio blogging, I would just like the ability to do so when I feel like it. This way I can check them out and get the pros and cons from you all.