Monday, February 25, 2008

MetaRAM quadruples DDR2 DIMM capacities, launches 8GB DIMMs

By Jon Stokes

Since its launch in January 2006, the only thing that has been publicly known about former AMD CTO Fred Weber's new venture is its name: MetaRAM. Clearly, the stealth-mode company was working on something to do with RAM, but what? As of today, MetaRAM is finally ready to talk about its technology, and it appears to be a pretty solid evolutionary step for the tried-and-true SDRAM DIMM module. In short, MetaRAM's technology enables DIMM capacity increases of two or four times, so that a single DDR2 MetaSDRAM DIMM can hold 4GB or 8GB of memory while still being a drop-in replacement for a normal DIMM.

Because MetaRAM's high-capacity DIMMs look to an Intel or AMD system like normal DDR2 DIMMs, the company expects to see servers with memory configurations that would normally require expensive custom hardware to become significantly cheaper. One of MetaRAM's channel partners will soon announce a server with 256GB of main memory for under $50,000, with 500GB boxes on tap for a higher price points

I'm tempted to suggest that "500GB of memory oughta be enough for anybody," but MetaRAM is looking to virtualization and enterprise databases as application domains that provide a rationale for putting that much memory in a single server. MetaRAM claims that its own research indicates that 80 percent of enterprise server databases are under 500GB in size, and if this is true, then hosting those databases entirely in main memory could get a lot cheaper after today.

MetaRAM is a fabless semiconductor company, and its manufacturing partners are Hynix and SMART Modular. Both chipmakers are currently sampling 8GB DDR2 DIMMs, and MetaRAM expects to see servers and workstations that include the technology available from Rackable and launch partners later this quarter.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

The $330 IPCop/Copfilter firewall 25 watt appliance

The $330 IPCop/Copfilter firewall 25 watt appliance by ZDNet's George Ou -- A lot of you probably already know my disdain for desktop anti-virus because of how sluggish it makes your computer and how it actually becomes more of a liability in terms of security. I’ve talked about how wonderful it would be if you could run your anti-virus at the gateway to protect all of your [...]

Friday, February 08, 2008

Mozilla delivers patches for Firefox; Plugs flat file vulnerability

Mozilla delivers patches for Firefox; Plugs flat file vulnerability by ZDNet's Larry Dignan -- Mozilla on Friday delivered its Firefox update including patches that fix a Web forgery flaw, browsing history and forward navigation stealing and the directory traversal via chrome, which has been the most visible vulnerability of late. According to the Firefox security advisory, Mozilla filed the following fixes in its flagship browser: MFSA 2008-11 [...]

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Google launches free Team Edition of Apps

Google launches free Team Edition of Apps by ZDNet's Dan Farber -- Google continues its quest to expand the Google Apps universe with a new Team Edition that makes it easy for workgroups to sign up for Google Apps without burdening IT departments or the lone IT support person. “In previous versions of Google Apps, Standard and Premier, the IT department had to get involved in verifying domains [...]

Cosmos: An open-source .Net-based microkernel OS is born

Cosmos: An open-source .Net-based microkernel OS is born by ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley -- Move over, Microsoft Singularity. There's another microkernel, C#-based operating system in town. And this one's available under an open-source license.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A dozen free & essential apps for Windows

A dozen free & essential apps for Windows by ZDNet's George Ou -- Every time I build a new Windows computer, there are a dozen free and essential applications that I always install for other people. These applications all seem to fill essential functions and they all seem to be well-behaved installers and uninstallers, in other words it won’t crash your computer or drag it down with [...]