Thursday, November 23, 2006

Vista BillGates Pirate Edition

While pirated copies of Windows Vista have beaten the
real thing from Microsoft to the market, the Redmond Company has failed to respond in consequence. According to a company statement, Microsoft is attributing “limited value” to the pirated copies of Vista and nothing more.

Meanwhile, Windows Vista, version BillGates is free for the taking. While Microsoft is delivering only Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate, crackers have employed all of their creativity when making available Windows Vista BillGates Pirate Edition.

And as the offer of pirated software is often a diversified one, a single pirate website is delivering five different versions of Vista BillGates. In this context, users of pirated software can choose from Windows Vista Final-BillGates 3555103 TPB or Microsoft Windows Vista Final-BillGates 3555203 TPB, with a slight difference of nuance. But Windows Vista Final BiLLGATES is also available, although it seems that Microsoft Windows Vista Final Ultimate Edition-BillGates has drawn in the largest volume of downloads. All the versions come complete with product key and activation patches.

Windows.Vista.Iso.BillGates.To.Legit.MSDN.PATCH and Windows.Vista.Iso.BillGates. To.Legit.Fixed all Bugs.Final Version are Vista patches.

But where is Microsoft in all this? The Redmond Company has adopted a passive approach to Windows Vista piracy. In fact, the Redmond Company is doing little to convince users of the risks associated with deploying pirated copies of Vista and letting its Software Protection Platform deal with the problem.

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