Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to write a Linux virus in 5 easy steps

I usually post part of the original article in my post then point to it with a link to read the rest. This time how-ever I was looking for a good snippet and couldn't justify just placing a small tidbit of the original article.

This is about the most comprehensive article that explains just how it would be possible to insert malware into a Linux system running Gnome or KDE desktop environments. It definitely is a good read and kudos to the writer for posting it.

It's a bit lengthy but really a good read and deserves that much time to inform Gnome and KDE users just how it is done to be able to protect themselves. I for one use Ubuntu full time at the house and have always said that it is less likely for spyware and malware to infiltrate a Linux system for a few reasons. One would be that it takes your password to be entered to write to the system files. Second would be that anything would be caught in the browser's cache and would be deleted by emptying the cache after a saucy Internet session. Third would be that the writers of such programs target the major OS's out there in the world and the debate about Linux is still an ongoing argument, but that's for another post. Fourth would be that if you get your software from the repositories they are already combed through and safe for download and install.

All this was quite true as of an hour ago for me. After reading the article, I have to admit that now only most of it is true. I still fully believe in the Linux operating system and the various communities that give me such a great operating system. I still think it is a wonderful way for me to manipulate the 1's and 0's that allow me to do the things I do on my PC and it's internal hardware. I have really enjoyed learning and reading everything I can about the OS and the flavor of it I use.

All-in all, the basics still are as true as they ever were. It comes down to personal responsibility. If you open unknown attachments or download files from certain Internet sites, you will most likely get an infection on your PC. Mindfully watching what you click on is still the best practice.

Without anymore talk from me, please go read this article and get informed.

Remember, knowing is half the battle. G.I. JOOOOEEEEEEEEEEE!

Great Article Here! - How to write a Linux virus in 5 easy steps

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