Friday, February 10, 2006

HP iPaq 6515 Pocket PC

About two weeks ago I finally got the type of geek device I have been wanting for along time. The almighty hw6515 from HP. I thought it was going to take a long time to trouble shoot the things I didn't understand about this new toy, Boy was I all wrong. My boss decided he liked it also and got one of his own. This started the flurry of questions that I had to learn answers for in a quick way. Today I learned something that you all should know, that I knew already. That I forgot and didn't even think about.

I set my PPC up to work with our mail service from our hosting company. All worked well and I didn't give it a second thought. Untill I tried sending email to my Gmail account or a short mail to one of our clients (Big government firm). I called our wireless provider a few days ago to see if they could help me but what was suggested was something trivial like sending me an email to see if I could recieve it. This I had no problem with so I blew it off and finished lunch. This morning the boss calls and said that he couldn't send email to our client and I told him I was in the middle of trouble shooting this very problem.

*Call wireless provider again*
This time I got a very knowledgable person that reminded me that I needed to use their outgoing mail server. I hadn't even given that a thought because everything was working so far except for a few email addresses. Well I made the changes and, Badda-Bing! Worls like a charm.

The moral is this, with all that we learn and all that we know. We tend to forget the simplest things. Especially when trouble shooting new stuff.

If you find yourself with this same problem I hope this will help in some way.

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